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About Me

Hi! I'm Dianne

I have trained and painted in Arizona for the past 15 years.

I take pride in sharing the joy of drawing through face painting. I'm not an entrepreneur, but a mom and a picture maker.

I face painted through my studies at ASU and even with a degree in painting and drawing my heart for families brings me from the studio to birthday parties and events (some really big ones too!) where I can meet beautiful faces and decorate them with a little makeup and glitter.

I attended a workshop with Mr. Ronnie Mena in 2019 and it has really helped my craft. If you are interested in learning face painting, I recommend the kind journey that is his workshop. has more information.

Other artists inspire me! I believe those little bits of them come through in every makeup I perform, especially Mr. Mena. I'm also inspired by Jocelyn Casdorph, Nick and Brian Wolfe, Brian Oakes,  Heather Greene, Sam Flores, David Colman, and Baroque Floral patterns

I started caricature drawing in 2014 and it has eclipsed my efforts in face painting lately, along with the birth of my 3 babies. I'm a little distracted these days, I hope if you are trying to reach me, you can give a text- I really do want to speak to you! it's a little loud with 3 toddlers- your patience is appreciated.

I'm so excited to paint and draw for you.

Love Letters

Arizona's premier face painting, Since 2003.

"I've gotten nothing but compliments about your work- we are definitely having you at our next company function!"

-Corporate Party Planner Lynn


"Thanks again! Awesome job! Several moms took your card!" -Carol 


"Thank you so much for being such a highlight at our Halloween party!! Your work is AMAZING!! All the families were talking about how wonderful you were and how all the kids' faces  looked incredible!  Thanks again and we will be calling for future parties!"    



"We had you at our block party last year, and I kept getting emails about how wonderful your work was! Everyone can't wait to see you again, we will have you every year for sure!"    -Cat 


"Our residents were so impressed with your work, we are hoping to book you now for a longer time on Halloween day" -Leslie


"I heard about your amazing work from my friend, and I saw such incredible pictures! My daughter asked for your face painting for her birthday"

- Melissa 

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